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Padded Bling Agility Dog Collar


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Padded Bling Agility collars are perfect for most dog sports, and everyday wear.

They are designed to take a slide on identity tag, so can be worn when competing at agility.

Rhinestones can be added in your choice of colour so you can build your own individual collar.

They are made from BioThane® so will stand up to all conditions, and can be cleaned with a quick wipe, so can easily be kept clean, and stink free.

The agility collars are lined with Neoprene, to give soft padding for your dogs neck, and are great for dogs who love swimming and getting dirty.

There is a choice of Brass or nickle plated buckles, the brass is a great choice for dogs who swim in the sea, as the salt water will not corrode it.

  1. Chose the length of your collar, this will be from the end of the buckle to the hole you normally fasten your collar on.Measuring Length of Dog Collar
  2. Choose the width of your collar.
  3. Choose the colour of the buckle
  4. Choose the colour of the colour
  5. Choose the colours of your Rhinestones

Thats it all done!

Your colllar will be with you within 14 days.

Please look at the DeZign A Lead page where you can DeZign a lead to match your collar.

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Padded Bling Agility Dog Collar

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